Mad Tea Party – Bernadette Newberry, Cincinnati/Dayton Fashion Photographer

I was thrilled to collaborate with trusty local talent and amazing dress designer Belinda (Romantic Threads) on this Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot. I’ve been wanting to do a tea party shoot for months, and finally got around to it. It threatened to storm all day, but never did – whew!

Alice’s gown by Romantic Threads

HMUA: Sarah Crain

Alice: Kat Thuli

Mad Hatter: Nomi Boutross

White Rabbit: Jenny Warner



IMG_8919web IMG_8931web IMG_8940web IMG_8935web        

IMG_9076time-web IMG_9041web IMG_9055webIMG_8973webIMG_9095webIMG_9097web IMG_9212webIMG_9018webIMG_9130webIMG_9140webIMG_9167webIMG_9016webIMG_8992webIMG_9004webIMG_9006web

  1. Nice! I don’t need to see your description to know that these have something to do with the fairy tail! Great job!

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