Descent of Nyx

This was actually my first “Goddess” themed shoot! I thought the gorgeous Kat was perfect to embody Nyx, the beautiful and mysterious goddess of night.

(Nerdy fact: I especially love Nyx… because she was the final boss in Persona 3. Don’t judge.)

I used my husband’s DJ lighting to light the shoot. I did it all by myself, you guys! Lol

Images from this shoot were featured in Issue #15 of Giuseppina Magazine 😀

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IMG_2655web IMG_2674web IMG_2686web IMG_2691web IMG_2727web IMG_2749web IMG_2758web IMG_2795web IMG_2800web IMG_2817web IMG_2852web IMG_2882web

  1. I love these images. They’re haunting, and have… a touch of Patrick Nagel influence to them… maybe I’m just seeing into that because I’m obsessed with his art. Persona 3 for the win! No judgments gurr!

    • The Persona series is so amazing!! Thank you for your comment… and for not judging me… lol

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