Light Show – Bernadette Newberry, Cincinnati & Dayton Fashion Photographer

I always get excited when my husband (a DJ) purchases new lighting for events. I haven’t yet invested in my own lighting, but sometimes I do get to play with his!

For this shoot, my husband manually controlled the lighting effects with a DMX controller as well as a playstation controller…

Hair and Makeup: Sarah Crain
Lighting Operation: Dex Newberry

Hilly Kenkel
Madeline Cole
Kat Thuli
Jessica Tuttle
Jenny Warner
Corrina DeLorenzo

This shoot was featured in the September issue of Beau NU Magazine as well! If you like my work, please take a moment to like my page for more frequent updates! 🙂


IMG_0427webIMG_0222web IMG_0524webIMG_0578webIMG_0764webIMG_0810webIMG_0818webIMG_9866webIMG_9891webIMG_0954webIMG_1045webIMG_1087webIMG_1347webIMG_1574webIMG_1640webIMG_2020webIMG_2133webIMG_2151webIMG_2201webIMG_2277web

1 comment
  1. Jill Tyler said:

    Bernadette is an amazing artist!!!

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