Jessica Rabbit! And some KMK designs! :) – Bernadette Newberry, Cincinnati & Dayton OH Fashion Photographer

This was a two-part shoot!

Part I was my very first *planned* shoot with my strobe. We did a Jessica Rabbit themed shoot! This is one of my all time faves. The model, Ai Tenshi Misha, made the dress herself, and also did her own hair and makeup (the red was done by me, though, in Photoshop.)

Part II was an outdoor shoot in the rain. We had 3 designs from KMK Designs, so I will show a shot of each beautiful creation here as well!



(Just wanted to show the “before” shot of the hair — I didn’t even realize I could change the hair color, but gave it a shot just for fun by tweaking the curves. I didn’t expect it to work so well!)



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  1. Awesome!! Marcus and I were talking about setting up a Jessica Rabbit themed shoot early next year. I did not even need to see the title to know exactly what the theme of this shoot was. All of the images in this post are fantastic :-)..

  2. kelbpics said:

    A job well done to you & the model.

  3. SinghStyleStudio said:

    Well captured…

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