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Last Spring, I photographed the beautiful Madeline Cole using only my 35mm, which I hadn’t used in a while due to a recent growing affinity for longer lenses. It was once a favorite, so I wanted to play with it again exclusively for one shoot! I had a lot of fun getting reacquainted with my old favorite lens, and walking the suburbs of Hamilton OH with Madeline. I can’t wait to work with her again in a few weeks!

Cincinnati Dayton OH Model Portrait Portfolio Photographer Casual (3)

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I was approached this spring by Ria, who commissioned me to take photos of her and her children to update their portfolios with Heyman Talent Agency in Cincinnati. Here are some of the images of this beautiful family.

Cincinnati Dayton OH Model Photographer Portfolio Heyman Talent Agency (5)

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I drove by a very magical location on the way to a Dayton wedding last year, and decided in May of this year to look for that location and do a photo shoot with one of my model friends, Hilly. The idea was to do a shoot based on a ghostly woman, lost in the woods. I couldn’t find the super amazing location I’d driven by last year (either that, or it looked different based on me visiting a few weeks later in the year.) I’m still super happy with the shoot, despite the forest not being the insane shades of purple and pink that I was hoping for ;[


Art Fashion Photography - Cincinnati Dayton Columbus OH IN KY (6)

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One day, when looking through a forgotten closet, I came across a few old floral curtains that had never been used. I decided to stretch one into a “backdrop” and build a vintage beauty shoot around it. Our idea was to make the shoot have a romantic feel, with braids, and using natural light.

Hair and Makeup by Sarah Crain
Models: Katie Feeney and Sarah Volkman (both with Heyman Talent Agency)

Cincinnati Dayton OH Fashion Beauty Glamour Photographer - Art (4)

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I believe I have put my beauty dish to some pretty good use thus far ^_^ 

I absolutely adore Renaissance art, so I decided to do a photo shoot/project, using harsh lighting, to replicate the chiaroscuro aesthetic of that time. In post processing, I adjusted the colors and smoothed the skin and fabrics strategically to help achieve that look even further. 

These shoots were all very short, 10-15 minute shoots against the same black background. I collaborated with each lovely model to envision a unique character for their images. Thank you to all who helped me realize this vision, credited after the jump.

CHIAROSCURO - Cincinnati and Dayton OH Fine Art Photography Renaissance (2)

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A few months ago, I did a glamour session with the fabulous Etha at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. She wanted some beautiful pictures to help her celebrate her birthday, and all of her recent accomplishments. I’m so happy she chose me to document this special time in her life 🙂

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Stylist: Angelo Culvert of Pretty Penguin Studios

Cincinnati Dayton KY OH IN glamour portrait photographer (9)

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I’ve been working with Downlite for the past few years, and I must say this is the most fun shoot I’ve had with them yet! I absolutely loved working with this entire team. I’ll post just a few highlights from our 2-day photo shoot, photographing their awesome products perfect for dorm life. 🙂

Models: Bailey Johnson and Rachel McGhee
Hair and Makeup: Tanisha Akers
Set Stylist: Jen Wilson
Assistant: Ryan Hoskins

As always, thank you to Stefan Hunter for making all this possible!

Corporate Photography - Product - Cincinnati - Dayton - OH KY IN 3

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