Here’s a shoot that I’ve been wanting to do since last Summer, and didn’t get around to it until this August. 🙂 I took a few of my favorite mermaid-esque models, along with my creative partner-in-crime Sarah Crain, to the beach at Hueston Woods. We layered a literal ton of shiny tulle and netting on our models to create a beautiful tail. 

Hair and Makeup (and let’s be honest: most of the tail crafting lol): Sarah Crain
Taylor DiazMercado (our Pacific/cold water mermaid)
Katie Feeney (our Atlantic/warm water mermaid)

cincinnati and dayton oh model portfolio creative photography (14)

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Last June, my husband and I packed up for a destination wedding in Orange Beach, AL, along with Gulf Shores. Stacey and Teddy were fantastic clients and gracious host, saving a portion of their large condo for us and offering it for the entire week. My husband officiated this beautiful beach wedding, and of course I photographed 🙂 below are some highlights from this perfect day!

Traveling Wedding Photographer AL Orange Beach Cincinnati OH (82)

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I believe I have put my beauty dish to some pretty good use thus far ^_^ 

I absolutely adore Renaissance art, so I decided to do a photo shoot/project, using harsh lighting, to replicate the chiaroscuro aesthetic of that time. In post processing, I adjusted the colors and smoothed the skin and fabrics strategically to help achieve that look even further. 

These shoots were all very short, 10-15 minute shoots against the same black background. I collaborated with each lovely model to envision a unique character for their images. Thank you to all who helped me realize this vision, credited after the jump.

CHIAROSCURO - Cincinnati and Dayton OH Fine Art Photography Renaissance (2)

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I visited Yellow Springs for the first time just a few weeks before this shoot, and knew I had to work with one of my favorite models there. This set with the awesome Jill Liebisch was featured in Beau NU Magazine’s August mini-issue. Hair and makeup by Sarah Crain.


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